Audio Tour

Inside the church, plans are underway to make the history of the church and the village readily accessible to all our visitors. We hope to demonstrate the diversity experienced by our ancestors and link this to modern day issues to impart a greater understanding of our heritage and past.  

In order to achieve this aim of how society has developed over the centuries, an audio tour is under production and this will be available in the church once it is complete. Six Westhorpe individuals have been chosen and each will speak of their lives and personal experience from which we can learn and apply to current issues. 

The six selected are:

Lady Elizabeth Elmham c.1412 
Sir Mattheus Borgue, French Knight c.1430 
Mary Tudor, Dowager Queen of France c.1531 
Sir Maurice Barrow, c.1665 
Dr John Clarke, c.1663 
Florence from Town Yard, c.1915 


Eco Church Bronze Award

St Margaret’s has given consideration to the environment and how we can, in some small way, help to reduce the causes of climate change. To this end, we decided to get involved with A Rocha UK’s Eco Church scheme. Taking part in this programme, gave us the opportunity to record what we are doing already to care for God’s earth as well as time to reflect on what further steps could be taken. 

We achieved the Bronze Eco Church award in June 2023 and here is the plaque hanging in the church porch. 

Fit for the Future is an environmental sustainability network that seeks to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and collaboration across many different organisations and sectors striving to reduce the carbon footprint and look for ways to minimise impact on the environment. We have applied to join Fit for the Future and look forward to sharing best practice with other member organisations and groups. 

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