The Bells Leave

The Bells Leave blog-bells-arrive

Friday 4th August    The lorry to transport the bells to the Foundry arrived bright and early as did our bell hanger and our wonderful band of helpers. Conveying the bells from inside the church, negotiating the steps in and -out of the porch was tricky but carefully carried out and within a short time our […]

An Early Start

An Early Start blog-early-start

Tuesday 1st August  An early start and the welcome arrival of a second bell hanger from John Taylor. The two men worked late into the day preparing for the lowering in the morning.  Wednesday 2nd August   The five bells start coming down. Our oldest bell, c.1450, has been in the tower for 600 years.  By […]

Lowering of the Bells

Lowering of the Bells blog-mary-tudor

Monday, 31st July 2023 The lowering of the bells. Our first bell-hanger arrived at St Margaret’s to be greeted by a small band of willing helpers. The first day was given over to clearing out the belfry and raising the necessary equipment up into the belfry. Much of the debris was removed by tossing it […]

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