Biodiversity Study

Biodiversity of the Churchyard 

In partnership with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust, we are looking to bring an awareness to our ancient churchyard and explore and protect the biodiversity it contains. The Suffolk Wildlife Trust has recently completed a thorough survey and we will base our information boards on the results of this. In the meantime, two events have been held in the early summer when firstly the local Cub Pack and secondly, the Brownies spent some time investigating small patches of grassland to see what they could find. The children enjoyed it immensely and readily filled their specimen pots with plant material and bugs. Each child completed a worksheet and wrote a short piece of their experiences. The organisation leaders were very happy and have asked if it could be repeated at a later date. 

The churchyard is carefully managed to provide for wildlife including birds, butterflies, moths, bees and hedgehogs. There is a wide variety of mosses and lichen growing on our old gravestones. The grass is left to grow high in areas around the ancient gravestones whilst keeping the pathways and the new part of the churchyard mown. In springtime, there is a mass of snowdrops, primroses and cowslips which is a joy to behold followed by a froth of cow parsley. The hedges are managed similarly and trimmed only when the nesting season is complete. 


Our annual hay rake takes place once the long grass is cut in August. This year it was, as always, well supported and the work was soon done. The hay was bagged up and our local farmer transported it back to the farm leaving the workers to enjoy a cup of coffee with sausage rolls and home baked cakes. 

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