Casting of the tenor bell

Thursday, 25th January, 2024

On a damp, chilly January morning, twenty-five villagers and friends boarded a bus to visit the John Taylor’s Foundry in Loughborough. The purpose of the visit was principally to witness the casting of our tenor bell, the largest of the six weighing in at 9cwt. At midday, we gathered on the viewing platform of the casting hall and watched as the furnace fired up the molten metal to 1300 degrees centigrade before it was streamed into the ladle, winched across to the casting pit and poured into the mould. It was a dramatic scene. When the mould is filled and settled, it is left insitu for several days before the mould is unpacked and the bell revealed.

The casting hall showing the casting pit and the filling of the bell mould
The furnace heats the metal to 1300c.

We were then treated to a tour of the works by a guide who showed us the joinery room where the wooden bell wheels are made, the tuning room and our steel bell frame under constructed. It was touching to see three of our bells waiting to be tuned looking much cleaner than when they left Westhorpe in August!

After all that excitement, our party headed to The Three Nuns just down the road for a welcome late lunch. The work in the church has been scheduled to begin towards the end of March and we look forward to seeing our six bells return in April.

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