The Installation Begins!

Monday, 18th March, 2024

Spring sunshine made a welcome appearance to welcome our two bell hangers from John Taylors. They will be with us for three weeks. The first task is to install the steel bell frame into the belfry so, on arrival, they began to dig out the pockets in the tower wall into which the frame will be set. Early Tuesday morning, the steels arrived from Loughborough.

The work throughout the week has involved the hoisting of the steels up into the belfry in the correct order for the reconstruction of the frame. Despite the electric hoist, it has been no mean feat as you can imagine. The steels are heavy and have to be manoeuvred through two trap doors into a relatively small area.

We have been very fortunate to have several volunteers who have given a lot of time during the week to assist the bell hangers. All is going well and we are looking forward with much anticipation to seeing our newly restored bells arrive back next week.

New beams beneath the old.

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